data driven –
but human centric.

WaitWhatWhere? 7 Years ago we started out in the web - so it is still fair to say that this is our core competency to design web experiences. Your website is the single most decisive digital touchpoint you will ever own as a company. Everything else is just leased. So try to really own this magnificent place in the world wide web. It tells more about your company then you can ever tell on one of those networking events. At least it should!


Supported by Software - Executed by Hardskills

It´s crazy how tech heavy this humanly centered social media landscape is considering the varietey of software solutions out there. Especially the ever dynamic platform evolve and dissolvement as well as their very individual ways of representing and advertising a brand make social media a very complex field to stay up to pace in.

7. Content Distribution

Well it is one thing to have great content but it is another thing to bring this content in front of the right audience giving them a chance to like and share it. Nothing ever goes viral for free - It has to be accelerated with public relations and paid advertising in favour of spreading the word (s) or images faster and wider.